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Check Out Our New iPhone App

Verse By Heart

We’re excited about our first iPhone application! Verse By Heart is a tool for memorization of Bible verses, poetry, speeches, etc. For more info, go to the Memorization section.

News flash: cited in the New York Times Magazine! See article here. (posted on 9/17/10)


"Both apps [Scripture Memory and Verse By Heart] are a real blessing, and a great value. Thank you very much for creating something that really can make a difference in the personal and spiritual lives of the users/owners!"
-Doug A.

Verse By Heart

         Bible memory app

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About the three drills:

  1. Hide and speak! Gradient option: Initially the right hand side of every word is obscured, and the verse is fairly easy to read. Tap a button to obscure more of each word, and try to read again. The next tap obscures most of the word (usually the first letter can be distinguised), and if you can still "read" the verse, then you are well on your way.
  2. In the second drill, the number of buttons (6, 9, or 12) depends on your previous score (and other factors) for the verse (fewer buttons makes it easier to find the right word). The buttons are re-assigned new words as you work though the verse.
  3. In the third drill, type the first letter of each word to re-create the verse. For a hint, tap the spacebar.

Three ways to add verses to the app:

  1. Direct entry into the app using the iphone keyboard (laborious, but jump-starts the process)
  2. Direct entry on a computer, email it to your phone, copy from email, paste into the app
  3. Lookup the passage via iphone's safari, copy from the web, paste into the app
  4. Use the new batch import/export feature in the Settings to import verses from a text file

For a demo of the app, see YouTube intro and tips

(old) Screenshots:

       screenshot1    screenshot2


lingua memory logo
Lingua Memory site

This is an experimental free web-based tool. A different memory verse is featured each week. Click the logo to access the site.



Other resources

The Navigators

Baptism for Children

The Scripture Memory Connection


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Hire us to create your iPhone app!

One Time Software has a successful app in the store, and we are ready to make your idea successful too. Send inquiries to: dei@onetimesoftware.com

We create learning objects for universities.

We love to create virtual experiments, simulations, games, and quizzes tailored to your subject matter. Below are some examples of our work.

For our most recent work, jump to biology.onetimesoftware.com

Here's a Flash-based quiz for Turkish. The unique aspect of this quiz is that the student is required to pick an appropriate response to what was said (not simply the text of what was said), and in some cases, multiple answers are correct. (Content and concept by Dr. Erika Gilson) Here is the same flash quiz set up for identifying bird calls.

Numerous Java applets have been created for Biology at NCSU. In this featured applet, the instructor controls the quiz from html and image files located in the same folder as the applet. In other words, the same applet could be used for a quiz in physics or history or whatever. (Content and concept by Dr. Niedzlek-Feaver)

        Click the image to launch the applet in a new window:


The following quiz generates valid inheritance trees on the fly, and the student can view as many as desired before guessing the type of trait. This applet can also be run in "teaching mode" in the classroom to illustrate the 4 trait types. (Content and concept by Dr. Niedzlek-Feaver)

        Click the image to launch the applet in a new window:


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